Friday, November 06, 2009

Fall is beautiful!

Wow. It has really been a long time since I have posted here. It's not that I haven't thought about it, it's just that I haven't actually sat down and done it. It seems like things just keep getting busier. But maybe they aren't really and it's just my imagination. Life has just been rolling right along, but there are so many things that have happened that I really should post about. Maybe later. For now, I am reveling in the beauty of fall. Here's what I have been seeing around here:

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nancy's scarf

DSC04516.JPG, originally uploaded by coribug.

My friend Nancy (pictured here with me) requested a scarf (the one she is wearing) she could wear with a red coat she has. I had been wanting to try some Noro Kureyon sock yarn, so I borrowed her coat and took it in to Twist so I could match the yarn.

I found a lovely skein that looked like it would work well, then set out to find a pattern that I liked. No luck. Finally I decided I would have to make my own. I have only done a little designing, and pretty much never write down what I do. Well, this time, I was working in the same manner (from my head basically) and had several people ask for the pattern. Rats. That meant I had to re-create and write it down. Sheesh.

Well, I did, and I actually have it posted. Head on over to You'll find the pattern posted there with detail pictures as well. I also actually have the pattern saved as a pdf. Once I figure out how to post a downloadable link to it I will. Meantime? Post in the comments that you are interested in the pdf and I will contact you.