Sunday, February 01, 2009

Nancy's scarf

DSC04516.JPG, originally uploaded by coribug.

My friend Nancy (pictured here with me) requested a scarf (the one she is wearing) she could wear with a red coat she has. I had been wanting to try some Noro Kureyon sock yarn, so I borrowed her coat and took it in to Twist so I could match the yarn.

I found a lovely skein that looked like it would work well, then set out to find a pattern that I liked. No luck. Finally I decided I would have to make my own. I have only done a little designing, and pretty much never write down what I do. Well, this time, I was working in the same manner (from my head basically) and had several people ask for the pattern. Rats. That meant I had to re-create and write it down. Sheesh.

Well, I did, and I actually have it posted. Head on over to You'll find the pattern posted there with detail pictures as well. I also actually have the pattern saved as a pdf. Once I figure out how to post a downloadable link to it I will. Meantime? Post in the comments that you are interested in the pdf and I will contact you.