Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Another finished project—and one started

I am focusing on finishing the many languishing crochet and knit projects that I have hanging around my house (although I have to say that when I went through and sorted project bags and things there weren't as many as I thought there would be!). It's nice to have a focus, but I admit I had to start a new project the other day. Couldn't help it. Really. The yarn was calling to me. OK, not calling, shouting really. Yelling and yelling, "Please, please, PLEASE crochet me up RIGHT NOW!" Yes, that's exactly what is was saying to me. Truly. And you just can't resist that, can you?

So I finished another project first, then succumbed. I had a pair of worsted weight socks, short house socks, that I had started a few months ago. One was finished and the other started. I decided it was time to get them done so that I can wear them during the winter. I am sure they will see plenty of wear in the summer as well when my feet get cold from the air conditioning. And here they are:

They really are comfortable and make my nice shearling slippers even warmer. No more cold toes for me!!

And since they got finished and I allowed myself to succumb to that siren call of yarn (and wanting desperately to support my favorite NFL team in the playoffs), I started this scarf/shawl:

It's a little further along now, with the next section of red started, and it's going to be lovely and warm. I will have enough yarn to make myself a matching hat as well. Now, to get some good work on it done before Saturday's game. Do you know who my team is? It's the team that's been my favorite forever and always. Even over the many years that they didn't win and sometimes were downright pathetic. Well, they have had a great season this year and it's so nice to have them back!

Oh, yeah. We really want to beat the Saints!! Go 49ers!!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year, new hopes?

I've nearly abandoned this poor blog over the past year. It's time to rectify that. I need to just take a few minutes and write a little once in a while. It likely will still focus mostly on yarn, but maybe I'll branch out a little bit this year. It's been a rough year for our family, but I am going to try to focus on the positive here. There is always a positive to be seen, even if you have to dig deeply to find it.

So, quick update? I got a new job working in a library. Woot! I really love libraries and the people I work with are totally great. It's a lot of fun and keeps me busy. Also still actively playing with the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) on Ravelry. This term I am playing as a Student on Sabbatical in the hopes of focusing on some of those many unfinished projects I have going. When I went through my WIP (work in progress) basket, I realized the situation isn't quite as dire as I had imagined. At least half the project bags in it were just plans—the yarn and pattern for a specific project. Those actually get me in a really great place for after those other projects are complete.

Here's the first one I finished:

It's been waiting to be finished for at least a couple of years, and I love that it's done. It's really pretty big and will be great to curl up in when it's cold (and this time of year I am always cold).

Now I'm finishing up a pair of worsted weight socks. Just the toe to go on the second sock. It feels pretty good to be getting these things done. I'll post a photo of the socks when they are finished too.