Sunday, August 08, 2010

Oh, it's been so long!

I am so far behind. I have so many things to say. I can't say them all at once. So this will be a short post, and I will take some time in the next few days to catch up.

First is the wedding. Oh, so many things happening in relation to that. Not mine, of course, but my daughter's. I have the best sister ever who has planned the whole reception. I owe her big time. It will be a lovely affair, this I know. The dress is beautiful and so is the bride; the groom is handsome; the reception will be lovely.

Next, the yarn. Oh yes. There has been a lot of it lately. As suits me. And laceweight. Oh, how I love the laceweight right now. Maybe it's because it has been so terribly hot at my house. Maybe because it's so soft. Maybe just because it's my current fancy. I don't know, but I love it and I am adding more to my stash. Down side? It takes longer to work into a finished project. That's OK. They are so lovely when they are done.

On the hooks and needles right now:
  1. A crochet country cotton shawl in a lovely blue cotton blend yarn (fingering weight) that will be oh-so-fun to wear with jeans. It's perfect.
  2. A crochet alpaca lace scarf. It's a beautiful heather green that reminds me of grass, and moss and the sea. It's so soft. And will be a beautiful lacy thing when it's done.
  3. A knit shawl called Traveling Woman. It is in a beautiful hand-dyed from a local dyer. Can't wait to see how it's going to look when it's knit up. It's lace also (in a fingering weight), so it will take me a while. 
  4. A crochet shawl that I have been working on (more off than on lately) in a lovely laceweight yarn for a year and a half. I really want to get it done. It's circular and I want it big. The bigger it gets, the longer each round takes.
And just off the hook: the crochet shrug I made for the wedding (no sleeveless dresses for me, thank you). I need to weave in ends, but otherwise, it's done. I love it. I will make more of these. Easy pattern, fast to make. I finished mine in about a week.

And lots of plans for lots more yarn. Oh, to have more time to knit and crochet. I hope I do soon!