Saturday, November 27, 2010

I tackled a big project and . . .

look what I got!


The photo is a little overexposed, but I love this shawl very much. Here's another shot of it, where you can see the detail and the colors are closer to true:


I started the shawl at the beginning of October, and worked on it throughout last month and this month.Considering how fine the yarn was and how big it ended up (nearly 8 feet by about 2 feet), I think I did well to A) finish it in a timely manner and B) not get bored with it and toss it aside.

And blocking it was an adventure unto itself! I had to use the floor in my bedroom and I could barely get around it. It took about an hour, but this is what it looked like once it was all pinned out and drying:


I think I am willing to tackle more challenging projects like this!


Karin said...

That's just gorgeous!!

Jimbo said...

Wow!! Beautiful work, Cori!