Saturday, April 07, 2012

Princesses and such

OK, I admit it. I am a total sucker for princesses. I know all the reasons we shouldn't encourage little girls to want to be princesses, but honestly, who doesn't have at least one princess they love? My favorite is Cinderella. Always has been. I don't know if it's the fairy godmother (always wanted one of those myself, actually) or just how hard she worked before the prince found her. I mean, she rode to the ball in a pumpkin and nearly got crushed in it after the ball when she almost missed her midnight curfew!

So I was out buying batteries for the Wii Fit balance board (and a cute green cover for it too, by the way) and found this little princess, who I immediately knew needed a home on my desk. Isn't she cute? She makes me smile when I look at her.

I also found the best sandwich container ever. OK, so I love my Wonder bread one and have used it forever.

And I do love it, but sometimes a girl just has to have some options. So I got this one so I have some options:

Yeah, I know, more princesses. Not sure why I was so overcome with the desire to add some princesses to my daily stuff, but I was. And what's really weird about it is that I am so not a girly girl.

Jeans, Converse, T-shirts. These are my favorite things. In fact, my daughter does a What I Wore Wednesday on her blog. If I did it, it would look the same all the time, with the exception of the color of my Converse. Today they are white. Yesterday they were green. The day before they were red. I also have orange, blue, green plaid, purple, red and gold plaid (go 49ers!!) and some others. Love them. LOVE. Them. And my jeans. Oh, I adore my jeans. So, yeah. Not such a girly girl. But apparently I still love my princesses.

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acwmaiden said...

I Love my Disney princesses too :-D. Aurora is my favorite classic princess (I'm a blue dress follower), but I think Rapunzle is my current favorite over all.