Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More projects complete and a new car, too!

Well, once again it's been a long time since I have posted anything here. I have been busy taking care of lots of things, and getting a new car after the accident, and now looking for a new job.

First things first, though:
I have completed several crochet projects and am getting ready to start a few more. I am not nearly as talented as my incredible younger sister whose blog can be found here
She knits incredibly wonderful stuff and spins her own yarns, too. I love to check out her latest projects and see what she has on her needles. I don't knit, just crochet, but she has inspired me to pick up my hooks again and dive into the yarn. The latest creations are a couple of rugs. I got the first from my mom because she just couldn't hold the three strands of yarn comfortably. It was about 1/2 done, so I brought it home and finished it. You can see the whole thing at the right, and a couple of detail shots. I finished it in about three hours. It went so fast, I had to make another one, so I did!

I am thinking I want to re-do my kitchen in sunflowers, so I went ahead and made this rug up in black, gold and off-white. It is a modified granny-square pattern, and also worked up super fast. The main blocks are hexagons and the fillers are triangles. My daughter liked it so much she wants me to make her one inNebraska red and black to take with her to college for her dorm room. The yarn for that one is in the bag, and ready to go. The pattern she chose is a little smaller (the white rug is about 4 feet across and the yellow/black one is just a little smaller), so she can fit it under her loft bed.

That's it for crochet news today, but in other news, I got a great little car to replace my poor little squashed bug. It's another little bug, a '99 this time, with fewer miles that my '01 had, and it's yellow with a black leather interior, heated seats, and turbo-charged. It is clean, clean, clean, and in great shape. It is so fun to drive! I'll post pictures of it when I get some taken.


tellen said...

I really really like those rugs! They remind me of the tablecloths my mom used to make. :) Glad to see you back on your blog!

chauntel said...

Wow! Those are really cute! I love it when mom has cast-offs that we get to squirrel away home and finish!