Saturday, June 30, 2007

I finally figured it out!

We've been working on a sampler afghan in our crochet guild chapter, and there was one block that was giving us fits. Another member rewrote the pattern, and that made it a little easier, but I still struggled with it for a few hours before I figured it out. Woohoo! it really is a cool pattern (it has a bargello look to it), just hard to read and not see. I got it when I had the pattern and a sample block in front of me. I have posted a couple of pictures below as it was in progress.
I really like the way the square turned out, and I will post a picture of the completed square when I have a picture of it. The afghan will actually be mostly single color squares of the red and blue, with two squares that are red, white and blue. I think I will place those two in near the center of the afghan (it will be 4x5 squares) corner to corner, but I am going to have to lay it out and see how it looks. I still have 4 squares to make, and when I get them all done, I will lay it out and take some pictures of it. I'm looking forward to getting it done, and still trying to decide how to border it. The pattern is just three rows of single crochet (one of each color), but I think I want to try something else.

I promise I'll get a picture of my so cute little bug posted soon too. It has to quit raining long enough that I can go outside and take one without getting soaked! We haven't seen the sun in almost a week, and we had the wettest swim meet (for the spectators) that I think I have ever experienced. It's been cold and wet, wet, wet! My house is starting to feel like waterfront property, unfortunately, the waterfront is what used to be my lawn!


Chauntel said...

I really like how that pattern is turning out. I bet that sucker is thick though! I do believe I will pull out my picnic granny squares to work on in between Mystery Stole clues.

Chauntel said...

Oh yeah, waterfront property, that made me chuckle. Sorry! I can totally picture you out there in a beach chair getting some sun (when it does decide to come out) with the water lapping around your ankles ;o)