Monday, November 26, 2007

Beating the single-crochet demon

Well, I used my sister's single-crochet beanie pattern, and finally got one figured out! I made this one from Berroco Comfort. A great acrylic and nylon blend. It feels so good. I sent this one to Evan in Iraq for his birthday. I carried the yarn down for each stripe, so the inside looks kind of funny, but it worked.

I think I'll need to make a few more to really get the hang of the single crochet. They take longer than the double crochet pattern I usually use, but they are more tightly stitched, so they should be a little warmer. I'll probably make a couple more for the boys. And maybe one for Mark.

I have some superwash wool to make a hat and scarf for Alyx. So that project will be coming up soon. She wants a hat with ear flaps and strings. I found a cute one in the Happy Hooker crochet book.


tellen said...

I love the colors of this hat!! I love Chaun's hat pattern. It's such a quick and easy pattern. Nice job!

Chauntel said...

I also love the colors! Now that I see the striping I can tell you how to fix the color change jogs.When you get to the first stitch of your new color, insert hook down into the row below, draw up your new color and single crochet like normal. That makes it a much smoother transition between colors. Let me know if it works.

Kat said...

would you be willing to email me the pattern you used? I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find a pattern that actually produces a normal shaped beanie... my email is if you're willing to share thank you!