Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keeping the puppy warm

As the weather has gotten colder, Milo has a hard time staying as warm as Chewie did. Chewie had so much thick fur, and Milo's fur is quite a lot shorter and not nearly as thick. So I decided I should probably help him out some and make him a sweater. So I found a pattern in an old pattern book I dug out of my box. It was a quick make, and I used a bulky weight yarn instead of worsted, because I had some in my stash and Kyle thought the color was the best of the yarns I had to choose from.

It stretches a little when he wears it and I need to tighten the buttonholes on the strap. A wash might help it out a little as well. But overall, I think it turned out well and will do just the trick to help keep him warmer on walks. Especially as the weather continues to get colder. We did take it on a test run today to get pictures. He didn't mind wearing it at all, but he sure didn't want to stand still for pictures!


Chauntel said...

Okay, that turned out ridiculously cute! I love that color too. He's a good puppy!

Ally said...

I love it, and miloh is just the cutest thing ever...
do those things actually keep him warm???
and does he wear it all the time? or do you just put it on him before he goes outside?