Saturday, February 16, 2008

I guess I should update

But it doesn't seem like I have much to say this time around. I have had a busy week and have been trying to fight off some kind of sickness. Everyone at work has had the flu it seems, and I really don't want it.

I did get my order of LusterSheen from Maggie's crochet. I have been wanting some other colors and she had them on sale for 25% off. So I ordered an orange to make a top and it's a little brighter than I expected, so it may go into something else. But I also ordered some brown, yellow, purple and a fall variegated with those colors in it to make a granny poncho. I think it will look great, and I think I'll start it soon. I just have to figure out how to keep the yarn ends in after its finished. That is the one thing that I have not done successfully. The pattern I would like to use is here, and the colors of Luster Sheen that I chose are buttercup, chocolate, autumn, and dark mulberry.

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Chauntel said...

Well those certainly are your colors! I think it will be great for you.