Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rippling along

I have a friend who started a ripple afghan and the pattern was one I just fell in love with. Now, I have usually avoided ripple patterns (except for my Pendragon wool scarf) because they often look like the afghans grandma did in funky colors and just sort of a mish-mash. But this pattern was a little lacy and used neat yarns (Tamara is using Provence cottons in bright colors, with rows of chocolate brown single crochet between colors).

I fond a soy blend by Bernat at Michael's on clearance in a great oatmeal color and a celery. The oatmeal is the almost white color and the celery is the soft green color (right above the melon color). I wanted some other colors to brighten it up, so I got a Bernat acrylic in forest green, Lion Baby Soft in melon, and a couple of fun yarns to add some texture. I am using an off-white mohair blend, a fun fur (which isn't in yet) in the same green as the acrylic, and a fringy ribbon in a melony blend. And then for a little extra contrast there's some Jiffy acrylic in grape. I love the little darkness that it offers and how it just contrasts so well. Then there's one of those crazy eyelashy carrying yarns that is in greens, pinks and yellows. And as you can see from the picture of my yarn bag, there's another variegated bulky yarn in there that I want to incorporate as well.

The pattern is from the Feb/March 2007 issue of Crochet Today. I ordered a bunch of back issues of the magazine including this one. I am just loving how it is working up!


Tracy said...

I don't know what it is about ripple afghans but I love them! And I love that your's is a little lacy, a little colorful, a little textured. I think it's a nice balance.

So. When are we planning your visit?

Cori said...

Tracy, thanks for the compliments on the ripple. And yeah, as soon as you guys know when the next yarn/stitching/knitting/crocheting type show is out there, you just need to let me know so I can start looking at plane tickets and vacation time. i could use some nice ocean air!

Chauntel said...

I love, love, love that ripple afghan! I think it's a great use of texture and color together without being granny-ish at all.
What a great use of leftovers or straggler balls. Is that a word? Straggler? ;o)