Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One more

I had so much fun making the first one of these that I made another. The swim meet Mark and I were supposed to judge ended up canceling after about 48 (of 84) events because of a giant thunder storm that came through the area. No threat of tornadoes though.

When I went to the fabric store this afternoon, I picked up enough fat quarters to make about nine or 10 of these fun bags. I figure I can make them as gifts, to say thanks, or whatever. Most of the fabric I picked up was only $1.49 a piece, and the ribbon was 50 cents a 6-yard spool. So the cost to make one is only about $3 and some change. A bargain! I loved this little dog print. The black and white puppies remind me a little of Chewie (except he NEVER went into a dog house in all his 13 years!). The lining is a black random-bones-in-various-colors print. They just go perfectly together. I used red ribbon to match the fire hydrants. Too cute!

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Chauntel said...

Are you going to put anything in them when you give them as gifts? I thought your first one with all your crochet stuff in there was so perfect for gift-giving I may just do that!