Wednesday, June 04, 2008

To fulfill a request...

My sister said she hoped I'd post a picture of all the fat quarters I picked up today, so here it is.

I actually have them stacked in pairs that I intend to use together (although that could change on a whim).

From the top right, the orange and yellow — the orange is a paisley with hot pink and yellow, and the yellow has white dots in a batik-like print. Then the turquoise and pink, the blue dots and orange, the black with flowers and dots and the frogs, the doggies and blue print with paws. Center, blue and blue/red together, then yellow with dots and red, red and yellow with flowers. The two yellows at far left are kind of leftovers. The lower one has all kinds of dog-related word written all over it, so I think I will look for another bigger dog print to go with it. The other yellow would complement tons of other stuff, so I'll just hang on to it till I find its mate.

The spools of ribbon are the ribbon I picked up to use for the bags. The orange is way too skinny because I wasn't paying close enough attention, but I doubled it up with the green for the first bag I made and it worked great. The ladybug ribbon at far left I intend to use with the yellow polka dots/red combination.

Anyway, I definitely see more fat quarters in my future!


Chauntel said...

That is practically a quilt laid out right there! Brights are great for these bags.
Nice job!

Tracy said...

Oh yes that's practically a quilt! I kinda almost drooled when looking at your fabrics. Nice haul!!