Monday, December 29, 2008

Best new bag ever (well, maybe)

I picked up the most amazing bag at Twist. Cass, one of the shop regulars and an amazingly gifted stitcher, makes these terrific bags from recycled sweaters. She cuts the sweaters up and uses the fabric to make the best crochet/knitting bags. She lines them with a coordinating fabric (and she's great at choosing pairings because of her quilting talent), and adds all kinds of little pockets.

They have strong web handles and are incredibly roomy. Mine is a great orange wool with a funky, retro pink/orange/white lining. I so love it!
And I now have been able to add pictures as you can see! Thanks, Cass, for making a bag that feels like it was made just for me!

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Becci said...

I was blog crusin' tonight and stumbled on your blog! I'm in Wichita too! I have seen the bags you are discribing. Her name is Tammy is a sister of a friend of mine.
I would love to knit but feel I have too many cans-O-worms going rihgt now! Ha! Maybe someday!
Come visit my blog some time...
Have a great hair day! Becci