Sunday, April 25, 2010


So as I was driving to work yesterday, the sun was shining and there was no wind (amazing, I know, but really, once in a while the wind does stop blowing here). It was a beautiful day. I turned a corner where a short stretch of road is divided by a drainage ditch and there were a bunch of kids (elementary school age) playing down by the water (which was more than normal because of the fabulous thunderstorm the day before). One small girl (maybe 5 or 6 years old), dressed in a pink dress, was a little away from the rest of the bunch. Next thing I know, she runs a few steps, leans over, and comes up with a huge cat in her arms. I mean big. This cat was almost as tall as she was! Well, it reached from her shoulders down to her thighs. Big gray tom cat. And it just hung in her arms with its front legs draped over her arm, and off she marched. It was freaking adorable!

It made me smile -- grin really. I had my sun roof open and my windows down. What a great feeling! I need to look harder for things that will make me smile. I know there are so many things in this workd that will if I just pay attention to them. And the kids that little girl was with? Yeah, getting pure enjoyment from playing in the creek and looking for little living things. Tadpoles? Fish? Crawdads? Maybe all of them. Absolute unfettered delight on their faces. Lovely reminder of the joys of childhood.

Another day not long ago, I was driving by the fire station nearest my house. It was another nice day and the station had its doors open to the nice weather. As I drove by, I glanced in and noticed the firefighters' pants and boots standing at the ready to be jumped into when the call came. I was struck by how dedicated these men are to all of us. They don't question a need, just jump up and go. And I thought of my baby brother who lives this life and am grateful for his dedication and sacrifice.

And finally, I stopped at my oldest son's house last night to pick up his dad's drill. Met by dogs and cats at the door, and have rarely been met by such excitement at my appearance! Big sloppy dog kisses all around. Lots and lots and lots of them. Clear up and down my face and all over my glasses. It was a  wonder I could see to drive home! Here's one of the main offenders:

This would be Han Solo, who is now much bigger than this, but still has just as much tongue hanging out! He weighs over 100 pounds, but still thinks he is a lap dog. I love him.

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Scott Sedgwick said...

Cori, I just wanted to say thanks for the nice post. I don't think I have been called "baby brother" for a long time. I just happened to check out your blog tonight while sitting here at the station. It was pretty fitting. The blog looks great by the way. I am going to redesign my website this week as well. You will have to let me know what you think. Love you, Scott