Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lots of hats for charity

I love to crochet. That is apparent even if you just glance casually through my blog. I also love It is one of the best finds ever. I have tried all kinds of new techniques, learned to knit, made new friends and had lots of fun in the process. What a great mix!

One of my favorite parts of Ravelry is the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup group. It really pushes me to finish projects I might not otherwise. It also offers lots of fun ideas for projects. And we get to play Quidditch. This most often involves creating things for charity, and this weekend was no exception. The great Quidditch coaches on HPKCHC put together a marvelous hat challenge and each team fielded four champions (one from each house). I represented the Third Year team for Hufflepuff. I knew that I would get far more hats made if I crocheted, and I have a great fall-back pattern that is just double crochet. So I challenged myself to make 10 hats today (since I did have to work after all). I exceeded my goal by finishing 12 hats! I am actually quite proud of myself. Here are all 12 hats:

I had a ton of fun making them, and now I will find a charity that can use them. They are all teen/adult size and machine wash and dry. And quite soft too. It was a fun day!


Steph said...

You and your hats are so awesome.... dare I say, Badgertastic?!??

Leslie said...

Great hats! I'm sure the recipients will be very excited!