Sunday, December 09, 2007

I have the greatest sister!

It just turned really cold at my house. We have had sleet and freezing rain. I went out to the mailbox and look what I found!! Three great ear bands to help keep me warm. They are perfect and have already seen plenty of use. We are looking at temperatures below freezing until late this week, and there will probably be snow and more freezing rain. Chauntel sent these to me just in time. Yea for terrific sisters! She's the best.


tellen said...

I saw the picture before I read and I thought to myself, "Cori is knitting exactly what Chaun knit!" lol I forgot that she sent you those. How nice are they?! It's getting so cold here I am considering pulling mine out. I mean really, it's in the upper 30's at night. That's cold for us! Stop laughing! :)

Chauntel said...

My timing is perfect, isn't it?? Ice storms galore! GLad I can help with your comfort!