Sunday, December 09, 2007

No one could possibly think this is enough

space?!? I was at Wal-Mart getting some large bins for my yarn storage. You know, the 58-quart tubs that can hold 20 or more large skeins of yarn. A reasonable storage size for a small stash (I bought three to go with the several I have already, but am outgrowing them). I looked at the upper shelf, and noticed the label on the small tubs with a couple things of yarn and some knitting needles and just about died laughing. I don't know anyone who could store their knitting or crochet in a tub this small! And I think people who saw me standing in that aisle laughing at storage tubs at 1:30 a.m. (I went on my way home from work) must have thought I was crazy!


tellen said...

Did you see how small that ball of yarn was? I mean, maybe as a project box...but definitely not a stash box. No way, no how.

Chauntel said...

lol That is funny! ANd yes, they probably did think you were crazy ;o)

Ally said...

HAHAHAHA mom, people probably thought you were some crazy tub lady. Not really sure what that means, but hey, it's okay. Also, I really, really LOVE that afghan you're making for Grandma, it's awesome. Plus, shannon loves that hat. :)