Monday, March 31, 2008

A box for my parents

So I finally got a box together for my parents. The afghan was supposed to be their Christmas present, but it ended up being a 'happy spring' gift instead.

You can see the edges of the afghan (which ended up just immense!) in the lower left corner of the box. I also blogged about it here. The other items were just a few little things for mom. She always wants a couple of new towels for her kitchen, and Kyle thought if we were sending kitchen towels we should send some dish rags, too. So I whipped up the four towels, and Kyle picked out four rags. The little olive green square you see with a brown edge is Kyle's first finished crochet 'project.' He really wanted to send it to his grandparents, so I put it in the box with a note on it. Buried in the box is the "Savin' up for knitting lessons" bank I got for my sister like the one I have on my desk at work. She loved it!

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Chauntel said...

Well I can tell you, mom was very happy to have new towels for the kitchen & the afghan went straight on to her chair in the living room!
Dad was most excited about Kyle's crochet square. He got a real kick out of that!
And yes, I do love my bank. It's where I keep all of my Dash for Stash savings!