Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A little yarn therapy may work

OK, so I finally sat down and finished mom and dad's afghan. I'm really happy with the way it turned out, and it's much bigger than the original pattern would be. I added some stitches (I can't remember exactly how many), and a bunch of rows. It is about 48 by 72 inches. I will get it in the mail tomorrow, and hope I can fit it in a flat-rate box. It doesn't weigh a lot, but it's pretty bulky. The colors in the photo are close to accurate, and the tweed sections are a cream chenille. The main yarn is 'I Love this Yarn" from Hobby Lobby in cranberry. It's a lovely, soft acrylic and easy to care for.
And, this afternoon I went to the local yarn store (Twist, which is the greatest little yarn store ever!), and picked up some yarn I had set aside. This is a great had-dyed colorway from Family Pendragon, and Shelly had it on clearance. Just a single, lonely hank, but 8 oz. and 400 yards of lovely wool. The color is 'humperdink,' which made me think of the "Princess Bride." One of my all-time favorite movies! It is a great blue, yellow, gray and purple.
I was taking the picture with flash, so the colors aren't exact, but they are pretty close. It has wonderful rich colors, and the blue is exactly the same color as my lighter weight parka. I have been searching for a good scarf to wear with that coat, and I knew when I saw this yarn that I had to have it. So now it is destined to become a lovely scarf, and maybe a hat or some mittens. I am excited to get started on it, i just have to decide what stitch to use and how to design it. I looked at what seemed like a million patterns, but didn't find anything I liked, so I'll do my own. So, the adventure begins...
And finally, I picked up one more skein of this superwash wool. The rich rusty brown had me written all over it, and I knew I wanted a vest made out of it. I have been searching for a pattern (that sounds familiar!) and found this cardigan (below) in the latest Lion catalog. I was just going to make it without the sleeves (I thought they were built-in). Then when I got the pattern downloaded, and realized the pattern had set-in sleeves. Woo-hoo! That means the pattern will be even easier to adapt into a vest! And it takes hardly any yarn. It's a Vanna White pattern.
I have a cream and dark chocolate brown that I intend to use for the border. One round of cream and one round of chocolate. I think it will set it off just nicely. Once I get this one constructed, I have a design floating around in my head that is just itching to get out!

I still have one more hat to get done, plus Alyx's hat and scarf but I really want to work on something just for me. :-)

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