Sunday, January 13, 2008

Is the second week of January over yet?

Okay, so I may be barely making my goal of posting at least once a week, but I think it really depends on how you count weeks. Maybe that's splitting hairs, but I don't think the second week of January is over until midnight on the 14th. So, that said, I will go on with my second post of 2008 and do a little updating. Let's start with events of the past few days:

First, many of you know that I work at the local newspaper, and on Wednesday, we ran a story about the Humane Society. Our local shelter had a major influx of puppies — seven litters in one week, one of which had 15 puppies — and decided to have a half-price adoption sale. I had been thinking about getting another dog so Milo would have someone to play with when he can't play with us, so I went to the shelter on Thursday. It was packed! Two hours after opening almost half the puppies had been adopted. Now, I didn't want a little puppy that I had to house train and have chewing on everything. I wanted a puppy that was a little older and we found this little girl, seen here with Milo and me. She is a Basenji/Corgi mix. We're still not sure she will be all right with Milo, but she is a sweet little thing and very affectionate. I hope we don't have to take her back.

Next, going farther back, on December 22 we had a crazy major snowstorm/
blizzard here. I, unfortunately, had to drive into work that day (we are kind of like the post office and will deliver the news despite all kinds of horrible things, like a blinding snowstorm). What normally takes me 15 minutes in traffic took about an hour and a half. The distance is about 6 or 7 miles. Yikes! Well, I didn't take any pictures (they would have been just white blobs anyway, because I couldn't see 20 feet in front of me!) of the snow, but after the storm blew over, we got an incredible sunset. This photo was taken out of the office windows on the third floor of the newspaper building. It doesn't do justice to the amazing colors of the sunset that night.

And finally, proof that we actually did celebrate Christmas at our house. I had some doubts that we would make it, but we did. This is our lovely little Christmas tree. We liked it. Now I have to get it down! :-) But in my defense, I have gone on a major cleaning/dejunking spree over the past week. Hence the reason there is no crochet to show off tonight. In fact, I just realized that I also didn't get Alyx's scarf and hat done either. She goes back to school Monday morning. Hmmm, I guess I better get busy and at least try to get her hat done tomorrow! But in the meantime, I have thrown out large bags of garbage too numerous to count, and have many more bags of old clothing and other items to donate to charity. I can't wait to get them out. And a benefit to doing all this work is a nice place to store my yarn. And having the ability to put my hands on things that I need. And being able to walk across my basement floor without risking my life (and if you think that's an exaggeration, you're wrong!). So, I have been busy, just not always doing what I'd really like to do. The crochet is just going to have to wait maybe a little longer, except for Alyx's hat, of course.

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Chauntel said...

Cute tree on the piano! (it is on the piano right?) And, oh how I love throwing stuff out! It makes me so happy when I have extra bags of trash to take out. The kids don't like it so much considering it is most of their junk in the bags but I so do not care!
Good for you, it's alright to not get any yarn time if cleaning out is the reason. I don't like cleaning per se but I do really like throwing stuff away. I wouldn't consider myself a packrat that's for sure!