Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sort of in a crochet funk

I heard on the radio yesterday that British researchers identified Jan. 21 as the most depressing day of the year. I felt it yesterday. We had cloudy, gray cold weather that turned into drizzling ice. Then I had to take Alyx back up to school, and I thought we were going to leave around 2, but didn't leave until about 5:30. By then the ice was really bad, so we had to travel much slower than normal. Thankfully, though, one of her friends from school met us about halfway and picked her up. I was so grateful for that.

But really, I am just not motivated to do much right now. I have a few projects in progress, and no real desire to pick them up. No real desire to start anything new really either. I do need to get over to the yarn shop and pick up a couple of skeins, maybe that will help. And I did add a couple of rows to mom and dad's afghan. I do want to get it finished so I can send it off to them.

I need some sunshine!


tellen said...

I hear ya sistah! I always come out of the holidays into the January doldrums. I can't say that we have the weather you have but it has been quite rainy this month. In fact, right now. lol

Chauntel said...

Well there is sunshine here right now! A nice break from the driving rains we have been having. A little trip here might do you some good! You are always welcome!