Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hooking away!

 A few members of our local chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, KS My Stitch, snuck out of the city for a weekend retreat. What a great break it was. One of the things I love about living in Kansas is the wide open spaces. Don't get me wrong, I love mountains and forests and trees, but I love, love, love the prairie. In some weird way it reminds me of the wide open of the ocean. Granted, there is no awesome beachy, salty, smell (rather, you occasionally get assaulted with the smell of feedlots and cattle, but that is beside the point), but the wind across the grass looks an awful lot like waves, and I can always see the sky. I love the sky.

Anyway, six of us went up to Severy, Kansas, near the Fall River Wildlife Refuge, where one of the gals has a cabin. We sat on the deck, with the sun shining around us, the wind blowing lightly over us, and looked out over a beautiful scene.


And we had a great place to sit and crochet and visit too:


And we had so much fun. We laughed and crocheted and laughed and ate and laughed. And then we slept and woke up to this:




Yes, I was actually awake and witnessed this sunrise with my own eyes. Those pictures were indeed taken with my camera by me! It was really beautiful.

What a relaxing and re-energizing weekend. I really needed it. And it has inspired me to sit a little more often when I have a minute and bust out my hooks. Fabulous!

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