Monday, October 25, 2010

Some yarn, and some finished objects

I think there may be a few of these posts in the offing. I have quite a few finished items and I have added gobs of lovely yarns to my stash. I will just throw a few of them out there every once in a while. I am having as much fun as ever making things. For a while I felt like I was spending more time with knitting than crochet, but in reality I don't think I was. I think it just feels like it because I can crochet so fast, and it takes me a long time to finish knit projects.

Here are a few photos just for fun:
This is a really fun chicken pot holder. I gave this one away. I need to make one for me.


Isn't this a pretty yarn? It's dyed by my friend Pacasha. And it's a perfect color for this time of year, it's called "Apple"!


I love making pot holders and dishcloths. They are instant gratification. And fun. And cute. Witness:


I love shawls. I sometimes even wear them. But this one? This one I wear. Noro Sekku. Laceweight yarn. So soft. And lovely colors. And weighs nearly nothing.


That's enough for now. I have lots more to post, so keep your eye out!

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