Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I won . . .

First prize in the Yarn Shop Hop drawing! I couldn't believe it. The shops put the names of all the people who visited all eight stores during the hop into a drawing. The grand prize was a big bag full of goodies. And this was the first prize:
A fabulous Amy Butler knitting (well, obviously crochet for me) bag and a couple of patterns you can see below. I love this bag so much. I of course ran right down to Shelly's shop to pick it up as soon as I was notified I had won. And sweet, sweet, Shelly, she went through the pile of patterns for prizes and picked out a couple of crochet ones for me. I love her! And I can't wait to make one or both of these. The blanket I especially love! And that sweater would sure be great for work.

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Chauntel said...

Um...WOW!! That rocks!! The bag is adorable. The blanket pattern is great! It's all just great!!