Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yarn Shop Hop

So, the central Kansas yarn shops had a Yarn Shop Hop on October 24, and eight stores participated. The stores ranged from one in Minneapolis (yes, there's a Minneapolis, Kansas and it's not even close to as big as Minneapolis, Minnesota!) all the way to Wichita. I happened to have the day off, so I decided to spend a day by myself and see if I could hit the six that are out of town in one day.

I drove up to Minneapolis and started there, hoping I could hit it, Abilene, Salina, Lindsborg, Hutchinson and Newton before the shops closed. Then I could catch the two shops here in town on Saturday. It worked! I had a ton of fun just driving and shopping on my own schedule, and I collected some great stuff. A little sock yarn, a little hand-dyed, and some Addi Turbo hooks!

Here are some photos of some of the great stuff I scored on this trip:
Organic cotton from Heritage Hut here in Wichita. I think it will make yummy washcloths.
Kind of blurry, but I got this Fibersphere in Salina. I love that it keeps my sock yarn neat and clean.
A collection of hooks that I bought: Addi Turbos, including a thread hook that has a cover (so cool!), a Brittany hook (and I'm not sure I like it), and a smaller bamboo hook (I know I like bamboo for certain fibers).
Some Lorna's Laces DK weight I picked up in Newton and I think I will use it to make the La Mer scarf in the fall (I think) Interweave crochet magazine. It's Tunisian, and I have not tried Tunisian before, but the scarf is beautiful. The shop had one made up and on display out of this yarn.


Chauntel said...

I like tunisian crochet. It makes a very tight, stiff fabric though so you may want to play with a couple size tunisian crochet hooks before starting your project so it drapes the way you would like.
The LL DK is beautiful!Is Newton the name of the store/town or the colorway of the yarn? I would love to find some of that color!

Cori said...

OK, so the Lorna's Laces came from the store in Newton (the town) called Newton Beadery. I'm no sure what the colorway is called, but it's really deep and rich. The La Mer pattern in Interweave is not tight or stiff, but I haven't looked closely enough to figure it out yet.