Sunday, November 23, 2008

The wavelength scarf

So I finally started the Wavelength scarf for Shelly for the store. It is so slow! The yarn is Noro Silk Garden sock weight. I love the colors and I don't even mind the yarn (it isn't nearly as scratchy as I've heard tell) but the pattern is so tedious! I feel like I make no progress at all on it even if I can manage an hour or two. It will be lovely when it is finished, and I will be so happy when it is!
It certainly isn't a difficult pattern, it's simply chains and single crochet after all, but maybe that is what makes it so tedious. One of my least favorite parts of crocheting (I now know) is working into the chain.
I just keep plugging away and hoping I will reach the end of the skein. It will be beautifully soft and quite lovely when it is washed and blocked. Oh, and can I say how great the Fibersphere has been for this project? I am so happy I bought it.

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