Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More great yarn stuff

Here are a few pictures of yarns I've added to my stash lately. I love them all and look forward to crocheting them up into wonderful items.
Mmmmmm, Noro Matsui cotton blend. This yarn is so soft and luscious. The shop had it on sale for 50% off, so I bought several. This bunch will be for a capelet or shawl. It's black with gray and green and purple. Kind of Halloweeny, I guess, isn't it? But it's the colors I wear!I love the Sockotta I used on a scarf, and fell in love with this warm pink/orange/green and purple blend. The yarn is so soft, and the cotton blend makes it perfect for a summer scarf.
Here's another few balls of Noro cotton, with a little texture. I thought this would make a fun scarf. Again with the greens and purples. I find myself adding a lot of them to my wardrobe.
This is a great collection I picked up at the shop in Salina. It's a mix of warm pinks and golds. I just bought a couple of petal pink sweaters, and this will make a nice accompaniment to them.
Yarn. The shop in Hutchinson had these terrific bags. Who can't use another project bag?
Yes, my love for fall colors betrays me at every stop. This Blue Face Leicester just called to me, and I couldn't resist. It's a beautiful, large hank and will be so warm and cuddly.

This is a skein of hand-dyed Andes and while the picture doesn't show it very well, the skein is a wonderfully soft lavendar and sage blend. Beautiful!
And this is a treasure from Idaho Falls. Of course, when I arrived for the conference and had an hour to kill, the first thing I did was find the yarn shop. Conveniently, it was across the river from the conference hotel, and a comfortable walk. This is a gorgeous soft pink sock weight and I think it will make a lovely shawl.

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Chauntel said...

I am seriously jealous that I couldn't go on the Hop with you. It looks like you got some amazing yarns!! I am jealous!!