Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Pleasant Sunday

This is a picture from master's graduation. There were five of us that walked across campus together, and these ladies were a terrific support in the two years it took to get through the program.

I took a few moments out of my busy schedule yesterday, and ran across a blog (from Blogs of Note) that is called Three Beautiful Things. It was a stark reminder to me that I have much to be grateful for, and that I am surrounded by beautiful things. We have been blessed with gorgeous fall weather here in Kansas over the past few days and I was able to enjoy a few minutes outside today. I had to come to work (and I didn't really want to), but I work in an art museum, and am surrounded by interesting (some beautiful, some not) items, and it is always enjoyable to leave the office and go upstairs to the galleries. I can also look out my window and see a beautiful waterfall wall made of granite.

I think I have been letting myself see the negative lately because I feel overwhelmed. But I know that God watches over us, provides us with people that care about us, and gives us the beauty of the world if we will but see it.

My two pictures I posted yesterday are examples of things I enjoy. Lest anyone think that Kansas is lacking in beauty, check out the incredible sunset. The other picture is my blanket. I think it has a fun design and I am looking forward to the cooler weather that is on it way this week. I look forward to changing leaves, hot chocolate, sweatshirts, and the crisp fall air.

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