Saturday, October 07, 2006

Starting off

It's been a crazy week, in my life and in the news. With a son in the Army and the possibility that he will have to go to Iraq, the news of the highest number of American soldiers' deaths in some time over this past week is distressing. A school shooter that killed 5 little girls and seriously injured 5 more in a small, one-room Amish schoolhouse is nearly unbelievable. Somehow, a school shooting in an urban area or a large school, while upsetting, is rather more expected than one that happens in such a peaceful community. And Mark Foley, a former U.S. representative, resigned over charges that he had inappropriate communications with pages. Hello, what are politicians thinking that they are immune from the common decency that guides the rest of us? It matters not what side of the aisle they are on, they seem to all feel the same: We can behave in outrageous fashion and get away with it because we are the privileged. Although I must admit that it doesn't look as if Foley is getting away with it.

At work I have been on a special project that is taking over my life, and I hope it truly ends next week. I am glad I have a great husband that helps out a lot. He cooks dinner, makes sure the kids do their homework, does laundry and grocery shopping. I am one lucky woman! Well, I am taking time that should be devoted to getting the monster project done, so that's it for now.

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