Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For the love of granny

I didn't learn to crochet granny squares until I had been crocheting for about 30 years. I know, I know, that's what everyone learns to do first, right? Well, not me. I don't know why, I just didn't. But when I did, I realized why they are so popular. The thing I don't like about granny squares, though, is all those ends that have to be woven in when you change colors so many times.

Well, I found the solution to that! When I was at Stitches West last month, I found a beautiful bag of Noro Kochoran. It is a bulky weight, 50% wool/30% angora/20% silk yarn. Well, I didn't really want all that fuzzy stuff on me in clothing, but I just couldn't pass up the bargain of 10 balls at a discounted price in colors that I really loved. After we got back to my sister's house, I started thinking about making an afghan with it. I know, I know, seriously? Use Noro? Isn't that a little, um, decadent? Crazy? Expensive? Well, yes, to all of them. But all it took was one granny square and I was hooked, so to speak. I looked at patterns for dozens of different squares, but I didn't want the pattern to get lost in the yarn, I wanted it to show the yarn off. Basic granny square was just the answer!

Now, the other thing about this afghan was that while I was making every square, I couldn't help but think about my grandmothers, who both crocheted. One grandma I remember mainly making doilies and lovely things with thread; the other I remember with lots of afghans. I love making doilies and thread things, and I love making afghans and other bigger things. I think I have both grandmas to thank for my love of yarn and hooks. This afghan then is in tribute to my grannies. A granny for my grannies, and I wish they were here still so I could thank them for the wonderful gift they shared with me.

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