Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Grateful for good friends

You know, when we have trying times in our lives, it's so important that we have good friends. I know that I am blessed to have many good friends, but this post is about one of them. She is my great knitting friend, whom I get to see when I go to the yarn shop to hang out. I usually try to time my visits so that I know she will be there. She makes me laugh, even when things are hard. She encourages me to branch out in my knitting adventures and I keep trying to convince her that crochet is good for more than charity scarves.

But last week, when things were just rougher than normal for me at home, I went into the store like normal (it's a great place for me to find some peace) and Susan had just a little something for me. Now, it's always the thought that counts, and this was such a thoughtful and sweet gift that showed me how much she loves me. I don't really think we tell the people who mean so much to us that we love them often enough. I look at this and immediately know that Susan loves me.

A tiny little hanky with a beautiful crochet edging and a sweet little note did so much to lift my spirits. Thank you Susan!

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