Monday, April 28, 2008

Love my doggies!

We were out in the back yard one day last week when it was pretty warm and the dogs were just tearing into each other and all over the yard. They get relatively wild at times and I have to kick them out of the house (kind of like the kids!). Milo can fit Sparky's whole head in his mouth. He grabs Sparky by the neck and throws him around and Sparky bites him on the legs and grabs his ears. They really are hilarious. One will grab a stick and the other will chase.

Sparky loves to sprawl out when he's chewing on toys or sticks. We call him the turkey butt dog because he looks like a Thanksgiving turkey when he's laying out like that (as you can see).

And the two of them just make such a cute matched pair. Look at those faces. How can you resist? Needless to say, they are very spoiled dogs. We love them.


Tracie said...

Too cute. We have two dogs similar...not in breed but in size and play. One is a lab-mix named Sam, the other a Boston Terrier named Zoe. Sam pushes Zoe around while she nips the back of his legs and ears. It's really fun to watch them play. Best buds is what they are. :)

Chauntel said...

That Sparkie looks like one funny dog!