Monday, April 28, 2008

Some stuff, yarn and crochet

I started a new Boteh scarf. I wanted one to wear in the summer. One that I can throw on with jeans or a skirt, and is a nice lightweight, cottony yarn.
For this one I am using Sockotta, a 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool, 15% nylon sock-weight yarn. I love the feel of it. It feels more like cotton than wool, and yet the wool gives it an extra soft touch. Plus those colors just rock. Purple, green, turquoise. Just cool.

And of course, a trip to the yarn store to crochet is never complete without a purchase or two.
I am so enjoying how the Sockotta is working up, that I thought I'd like a Boteh in some summery warm colors as well. This Tofutsies in a lovely coral/pink/tangerine absolutely fit the bill. Again, a cotton, wool, soysilk blend. Mmmmmmm.
Then I was thinking about another one-skein scarf. I've been going to my closet and wanting a summer-weight scarf to wear, and coming up short. Aran-weight wool just doesn't cut it in 80-degree temperatures (not that we've had so many of those yet). So, off to the DK section of the LYS, and lo and behold, gorgeous silk in a DK weight. Lighter, breathable, and oh, so touchable. Perfect green with a little yellow and white flecking action.
Of course, I told you about the Marble I bought to make a smaller throw, but here it is so you can see the great colorway. This photo is pretty true to life. I think it will be marvelous when it's made up.
Yeah, I know it's crooked. Tilt your head. I tried to order this stitch guide off Amazon months ago, and it's been out of stock. I think Harmony is replacing it with another book. I found it on If you love books and haven't tried them out yet, I highly recommend it. It's part of Ebay, and works like Amazon marketplace. New/used books are available, sometimes old library copies. Thus far, I have not been disappointed. I even found Evan the feature-length G.I. Joe animated movie he watched 90 bajillion times from about age 8 to 10. In perfect condition. $20. Other places wanted $90. Apparently it's a big collectors item.

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Chauntel said...

I love the yarns! I have that tofutsies colorway and it's a dream yarn to work with. Of course I use mine for socks but lightweight scarves or shawls come in so handy! No matter where you live! I find myself reaching for a lightweight shawl more often than I ever thought I would. Mom would die! She thinks I am such an old lady sometimes!
She also thinks it's funny that I would want to wear a tablecloth or doily as an accessory. She's so clueless sometimes! ;o)