Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Finished auction package

I finished the one-skein throw for the silent auction for scholarships for Kansas Professional Communicators. I added a book that I had two copies of and a nice mug for a cup of tea, or coffee, or chocolate, whatever the reader prefers. I think this little package will make for some 'comfortable reading.'

The book is one of the Thursday next series by Jasper Fforde. Thursday Next is a literary detective and enters the world of fiction to take of crime. It's so fun and the references to jillions of other books and characters is great.

The mug is from Barnes and Noble, and says, "Shh . . . I'm reading" all over it, in different sizes. I thought it was a perfect choice.

I do really love the throw pattern and am looking forward to making another. I used one one-pound skein plus a little more (my gauge was a little bigger than the pattern called for) of Red Heart acrylic. I started with a size K Boye hook, but it didn't feel great in my hand. I don't have a Clover comfort K, and when I tried my Crystal Palace bamboo size K, it was too big. So I ended up (after all that) using a Crystal Palace bamboo size J. Still waiting for Shelly to get a Laurel Hill Forest Palmwood size K in at the store again. When I went in to get one for this project, she was out.

I also used a double-crochet edging instead of single crochet, which was what the pattern called for. I like the extra texture and finish of the double crochet.

I hope someone pays a good amount of money for it since it goes to a good cause!


Chauntel said...

I think that is a fantastic package to bid on! I would! THe mug is adorable & I Love Tuesday Next. Great book concept.

Ryan Harpestad said...

My mother had that mug for years, and it was her favorite out of literally dozens of coffee mugs. But recently, it got broken, and we are desperate to find another. If you happen to have any idea how to find it, please, email me at

It would mean so much to her and myself.