Wednesday, April 23, 2008

To raise scholarship money

I belong to the local and state chapters of the National Federation of Press Women, Kansas Professional Communicators and Wichita Professional Communicators. Every spring the state organization holds its conference, and in conjunction with the conference is a silent auction to raise money for the organization's scholarship fund.

As I was driving from Wichita to Lincoln, Neb., a couple of weeks ago, I was tired and stopped at a Wal-Mart to walk around a little and wake up. It was a store that still has a sewing/crafts section and I found a nice (free) pattern for a throw from a one-pound skein of yarn. So I picked up the pattern and a skein of yarn and decided to make the throw for the silent auction. The pattern calls for a 'K' hook, but I am using a Crystal Palace bamboo size 'J'. I started with a Boye K, don't care so much for the aluminum, went to a bamboo K and it was too big (no narrowing on the neck of the hook like on a Boye). Hence the bamboo J.

I didn't check gauge (it's a blanket, who cares?!) and didn't get it out of one skein. But that's OK. I'd rather have it a little on the big side. So I am working the last few rows and getting ready to do the edging. I like the pattern enough that I am going to make one for myself out of a nice blue variegated acrylic that I found at Twist. It's called Marble by James C Brett. I think I will go down a hook size to an I or something that will work about the same. But the pattern is a nice quick one. Two rows that repeat. One of treble shells and one of chains and singles. Voila! That's it!

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Chauntel said...

That is a very cute throw! I have a one pound skein in ecru/cream that would make a great baby blanket for Christi. Thanks for the pattern!