Friday, April 11, 2008

True signs of spring?

Although today's temperature doesn't support my theory ( I think it might be 40 degrees F), I can see evidence in my back yard that spring may have actually arrived. These are blossoms on our peach tree right behind our deck. It looked like this last year early in April, then we had a bout of cold weather (like 20 degrees for a couple of days cold weather) that pretty much killed everything off. I'm daring to hope that we are past the chances of that this year. We are supposed to have temps in the upper 30s overnight, but we didn't get hit by the snow that blanketed northwest Kansas.
Behind the peach tree is the weeping willow we planted a couple of years ago. A pretty spring green on the leaves that are starting to pop up. And more difficult to see is the crazy blooming Bradford pear tree in the neighbor's back yard. I really think spring has actually sprung and might even be here to stay. My tulips are coming up in the front yard, but don't show signs of blooming yet. I hope they do, but this is the first year, so we may miss some. And the thunderstorms we've had overnight for the past couple of nights have soaked everything but good! Soggy lawns and soggy newspapers. Oh well.

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Chauntel said...

Beautiful spring blossoms! I hope you get some of the gorgeous spring warmth to go with it soon!