Thursday, April 10, 2008

Whoa, knitting

Stockinette stitch even! OK, so I have attempted knitting several times, and each time was baffled by the pointy sticks. But this time, I was determined. I was on my way to Lincoln this weekend and stopped at a Wal-Mart for a short walking break. While meandering through the store, I found this cute pocket size "Teach Yourself to Knit" kit with these adorable little needles. Knew I would have a little time while there, so picked it up with a couple of balls of yarn (not what you see here). Realized the yarn was bulky and needed bigger needles, so bought a pair of size 10s as well. Long story short, had some issues with purling. Got knitting down like a charm, and even when I thought I was purling was actually knitting, albeit in an incredibly awkward way. But I could do a great garter stitch! :-)
Anyway, called my lovely sister Chauntel, and she tried to help me through purling. Finally, she sent me to YouTube where I found this video. Lovely! Knowing that I work (and always known I would) in continental style knitting, seeing someone actually do it, made an amazing difference. So, last night after work, I grabbed a ball of scrap yarn and those cute little needles, and went for it. Got a few rows in and realized it was actually a stockinette and not a garter! Hooray! So this morning I added a few more rows, and here it is! Above is the front (obviously) and below is the back. Whoo-hoo! Man am I slow though. Think I'll have to crochet a little to remind myself that I can do something fast. . .

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Chauntel said...

Yay for knitting!!!
I knew you would get the hang of it. Just like you said, your tension is great but you are correct that your stitches are twisted. Easy enough to fix, you just have to break the habit of knitting through the back loop.