Friday, May 30, 2008

Back so soon?

OK, so it's only been two days since I last posted. I can do that! Especially since it was at least two weeks between the two previous posts. Gotta make up for lost time somewhere, right?

So I snuck away from work for an hour or so last night to get to SnB, which I've missed for the past three weeks for a variety of reasons.

As I was sitting and chatting with Pam, and showing her the progress on mom's doily (she's very aware of my prior doilyphobia), I glanced over at the sale shelves, and dang if this gorgeous yarn, in just my colors isn't still sitting there just waiting for me to buy it! Well, it's been waiting for a couple of weeks now, and I just couldn't make it wait any longer. It is a hand-dyed yarn from a local dyer in El Dorado, Kansas (and for those of you in California, apparently in Kansas they say El Doraydo). Anyway, it's a beautiful, soft, superwash from Sugar Bunny Boulevard dyed especially for Twist. Mmmmmm.

While there I also saw these great new shawl pins Shelly got, also made locally at Naked Pines Ranch in Mulvane, Kansas. Great pin, cool bead, and you can't beat $5. The colors are just right for virtually all of my yarns. It will be fun to use on the Sugar Bunny yarn above. I'm thinking a Solomon's knot shawl with it maybe. But I love the simplicity of the shawl pin.

And, an update on mom's doily. I am one and one-half rounds from being finished with the stitching on the doily. I still have some ends to weave in where I had to join, and obviously when it's finished. So far, so good. The final round is pretty much all triple crochet, all the way around for a fairly solid edging. But by now, the pattern is apparent and I love it. I really hope mom likes it. I swear I am going to put a note in with it that says if she doesn't like it she needs to send it back to me! And when this one is done I've got the thread for a large doily for the top of the piano (where this one was photographed).

I got the top of the piano cleaned off and am trying hard to break everyone of the habit of piling all their junk there. So I put a cloth I bought in Germany on it, and added some fresh flowers. I think the flowers may become a semi-permanent addition to the piano, because they just add such a nice touch. The doily pattern I have chosen is a pineapple/spiderweb combo that makes up to a 28-inch diameter. That ought to do the job.

And I am also planning to make an oblong doily for the top of the entertainment center. It needs a little help, too. I just need to find the right pattern. Maybe I'll just turn into one of those people who has doilies on every surface. Of course, I have to find most of the surfaces in my home first. The piano was just a first step! :-)

And finally, I picked up a couple more balls of Cascade Superwash. The colors spoke to me on Saturday when I was at Twist for our monthly charity crochet workshop. Again, I'm just seeing some sort of wrap or cape or shawl. The heathery color will be the main body and I plan to trim it in the dark brown. Mmmm it's soft and cuddly and washable!


Chauntel said...

Yay for clean surfaces! Look how shiny the piano is and the daisy's are so cheerful! The yarn always is a good added touch. I used to have a glass jar on my piano with the mini-balls of leftover sock yarns in it. It's now out here by my desk with some other yarns. Seashells have taken it's place.
OH! I just had an idea but I won't tell you because you have a bday coming up and I have decided we need to celebrate eachother's bday's (at least I am going to, no pressure for you other siblings :P).
That sock yarn and pin are lovely as well.
I really am so excited about the doily! Mom will love it and if she doesn't she will send it back to you with much pressure from the both of us. Remember there's a good chance Dad will just take it and use it on a table or bookshelf if Mom doesn't!

Laura said...

Aww - thanks for the lovely comments and photos and Sugar Bunny Blvd Yarn Love!! :)