Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Feeling happy

Just feeling a little happy today that next month marks my 24th wedding anniversary. Sometimes I can't believe it's been that long, and sometimes it seems much longer. All in all, it's been pretty terrific 24 years. Lots of work; some ups and downs along the way, but definitely worth it. Lovely. And even with lots of bumps and bangs, the ring has made it, too (although not without a couple of trips to the jewelry hospital!).


Chauntel said...

Congratulations! George & I are exactly half your time at 12 years. Now that went by fast!
I love your ring & it couldn't be a better match to you. Beautiful, sister!

Ally said...

Wow.... that's crazy to think that you and dad have been together for so long... but I'm glad you have!!! You guys have been amazing parents, and I, for one, think I'm pretty lucky to have you two. I know I don't really show it all the time, but I appreciate all the love and support you guys give me... so there, ya go... 19 years of your hard work have paid off at least a little bit :)