Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Evan lands tomorrow!

My soldier is coming home! My oldest son, Evan, has been in Iraq for the past 14 months, and his plane is scheduled to land at McChord AFB, Washington (state) tomorrow at 1 p.m. I wish so much that I could be there to meet him. But that means that he is already out of Iraq and somewhere between here and there, and out of harm's way. I've known the call would be coming for a couple of weeks, but I didn't know that it would bring such incredible relief and emotion.

I am so proud of him and what he's done over the past year. Most Americans really don't have much idea about what's really happening over there. in fact, most of us just go through each day without really thinking about it. Yet, every day, soldiers go out and put their lives on the line for a country that many people couldn't even locate on a map. They do it without thinking twice. Many of them are wounded in the line of duty and as soon as they are physically able, return to duty. These young men and women are heroes in the truest sense of the word.

I am grateful to live in a country that raises young people to stand strong and who are willing to put their own lives in jeopardy to bring freedom to others, even those who don't want or appreciate it. God bless the USA!


Tracy said...

That is Fantastic news!!! Congratulations!

Chauntel said...

When Mom told me yesterday he'd be coming home soon I didn't expect it to be that soon!
I am so grateful for him to be coming home. For him to have served for me and every other American.
I am so happy for you guys to have him here on safe ground!!
Love you Sis!
Oh Tyler will be so excited. I am going to print the picture you posted if that's alright. He'll love it!