Monday, May 12, 2008

Scarf finished, bag started233 cvbbbbn

I finished the Boteh scarf I started a few weeks ago. I used Sockotta yarn in a cotton blend. I wasn't sure I would like how the colors would pool, but I do. And I like the fact that the edging sometimes matches the scarf color and sometimes doesn't. I hadn't actually thought about how that would work, but it ended up all right. I am looking forward to wearing this scarf in the warm weather. It is colors I love!

This is such a great design, and so easy to work up, while still looking really great when it's finished. I think the design looks more complicated than it actually is.

I also joined the Haekelbeutel crochet-along on Ravelry. I've been wanting to make this bag for quite a while, and we are joining them in our CGOA chapter meeting this month. then I found the CAL on Ravelry and that was all the motivation I needed. This is the first of 16 squares needed for the bag. I really don't want to have to line the bag, so I am trying to crochet it really tight. I am using Peaches and Creme cotton (on a cone) in the pepppercorn colorway and using a size 0 steel hook (3.25 mm). I think it will be pretty much just what I want, at least for a first bag. I will probably make more than one, and on the next I think I will make the corner chains shorter so the holes are smaller.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice, Sparky helped me type the title of this post. He loves to climb on my lap whenever I get my computer out and he often lays his head on the keyboard or walks across it. This time, it was the walking.

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Chauntel said...

I wondered who that was helping type.
I think the bag crocheted tightly is always a smart idea! I hate lining bags. I will go snoop around the CAL to see if I want to start another project, the bag does call to me!