Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I can't believe it's been a week!

Wow! It has been so crazy and without Internet access at home (for the meantime) I haven't had much chance to post. We had our last regular swim meet of the season last night, and it didn't rain on us! The clouds were threatening, and we thought it might, but we were able to swim the whole meet without incident. We had just about finished cleaning up the pool area after the meet (taking down the timing system, backstroke flags, computer system, etc.) and we saw the cutest little bunch of ducks walking on the deck. The lifeguards said they come around all the time, and are in the pool swimming every morning before swim practice. The lane lines were still in the pool, and a couple of the ducks had a difficult time climbing over them. The discs would spin as the ducks went over, and the duck would fall back. They looked so cute swimming up and down in the second lane!

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chauntel said...

I love the ducks! What a fun summertime picture, what kind of camera do you have by the way?