Thursday, July 19, 2007

They are so tall!

Here are my two boys and the two neighbor boys when we went to the zoo. The penguin pictures are a long wall with all the species of penguins pictured and their average size so kids can see how they measure up. Nick and Jonathon are in front of the end where the Emperor is pictures, and the penguins get smaller as you go farther to the right.
Ryan (on the far left) is 13 (he'll be 14 in September), and Kyle is 11 and will be 12 in December. Ryan is far past me, and Kyle has caught me (and I am almost 5'10"). Nick is just a little more than a year younger than Kyle and Jonathon is 6.

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chauntel said...

HAHA it's so crazy to see them next to other kids, I am used to just seeing them with the family in pics & since you are all so tall it doesn't really register how tall they really are! They are cute though & I like Kyle's hair, it's like my boys, long & shaggy. Very cute!