Monday, July 02, 2007

I feel like I live in a swamp!

And doesn't it look like I live in a swamp, too? This is actually a picture of the water that is sitting in my gutter in my front yard. Yes, it's true, I am growing algae because there has been water there for so long. Normally we have a humidity rate of about 50-60% this time of year (and for being from the desert, that is high, but after living is South Carolina, that is low!). This morning we were at 100% humidity, and the weather man was kind enough to remind us that although we will see the sun (at least occasionally), we will not dry out, because the air is so saturated that pretty much no evaporation can take place. At least it has only been in the 70s as opposed to nearly 100 like it usually is by July.

However, that also means that I have not been able to just hang out at the pool with the kids, and with no job right now, that means opportunity lost! Ah, well, I hope there will be time for that later...

But on the bright side, I sure don't have to water my grass, and look how nice and green it is!

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Chauntel said...

It would be great to just get a tad bit of that water here at our house! My water bill is going to be way high just so I can have some green grass. NOt even pretty green grass, just kinda green. We only got about 40% of our annual rainfall this year. And, fires are already blazing, there is one just about 12 miles from us on the other side of the Santa Ynez range. Luckily, it's not coming over the hills.