Sunday, July 01, 2007

The sun came out..

At least for a little while. So I went outside and took a few pictures to prove it. It's gone now behind the clouds again, but here are some pictures to prove it shined, even just a little bit!See? That's blue sky to the east, along with what has become far too regular a sight, storm clouds.And my tree looks nice and green with some sun (a little) shining through its leaves, and a light breeze blowing, but I felt like I was going to sink up to my ankles in my front lawn!
And a daisy (or three) from the garden is always good to provide a ray of sunshine and a smile!

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Chauntel said...

Oh how I understand the greatness of a little sunshine! With our marine layer being so close to the ocean most of our summer is gray & gloomy. But so far July is looking pretty good! Glad to see you got a tiny break from all the storms!