Thursday, July 19, 2007

Squares made and joining to come...

Here's the stack of 20 squares for the sampler afghan I have been working on. They are finally finished, and I am working on crocheting around them so they can be joined. They are assorted sizes (they were all supposed to be 12 x 12, but it didn't quite work out that way), and there is no even number of stitches on any side of all the squares. Basically, I am just single crocheting all the way around each square, then I am going to play around with some different stitches to go between the squares. I am going to have to fudge a lot of stitches as I work it up, but I have plenty of experience with that!

You can see that some of the red pieces have a white single crochet around them. When I am really ready to join them, all of them will have a white single crochet around them, then I will use the red, blue and white to do the in between stitching and joining. Yes, it seems like I always work in red, white and blue, but really I sometimes use other colors, too. Remember the black, gold and white rug?

I have a couple of other fun projects ready to go, and just need to get them started.

If anyone has some good ideas on joining and the between stuff for the blocks above, I am open to any and all ideas! And I think I might be ready to take a risk on some more expensive yarn to make a couple of sweaters and tops for myself. So now I have to decide what to use once I've decided what patterns to use. I also have a great granny square bag pattern (actually a couple of them) that I'd like to use some other yarns on. However, my stash is building so I probably better use some of it first!

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chauntel said...

I just tried to leave a big ol' long comment & it disappeared so I will try again & it won't be nearly as clever as the first one. Brilliance only comes around once in my case...
I have only used a regular mattress stitch & single crochet join for squares. I haven't ever had to fill in so I wouldn't even know where to look, sorry!
There are some really fun top patterns out there for crochet & my favorite cotton yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece & Cotton Fine. I buy it from Oregon Trail Yarn & Books on ebay, they sometimes have seconds for a good price, $4 instead of $8 a ball. There is a link on the sidebar of my blog.
Love you!