Thursday, October 04, 2007

And one more thing for today

I feel like a blogging fool! I just had several things backing up and decided I would go ahead and catch up today. So here's the last item. I have started a new granny square (well, a variation of one, anyway) afghan. I have about 15 squares (of 48) finished. Thought I'd post a couple of pictures of the work in progress. I am pleased with the way the colors complement each other, and think it will be quite striking when it is finished.
I have also chosen Caron for this project, in seashell and autumn red. I haven't decided which color I will use to join the squares, but I don't have to decide right now. Maybe I will try each color on a couple of squares and decide which one I like best.

1 comment:

Chauntel said...

The colors together are great and that is a fantastic square to repeat over & over.
Nicely done. Now I know what I want next time you have me for christmas ;o) Especially since you made me crochet my own wedding afghan (although I really do thank you for sending me all the yarn to do it with), thanks for that! I still have the afghan in the living room in the blanket basket. Not our colors anymore but it's still around!