Thursday, October 18, 2007

Vest is finished, and it fits!

I am really pleased with my first fitted/clothing project. This picture is it after a long day of wear and no blocking before wearing. I added a little bit of length, but I think I'd like more on another one, and the bottom flares out more than I want on another as well. But I do love the ease and basicness of this pattern, and I think that I could use it as a jumping off point for a design of my own. I like the fact that decreases are made by changing hook sizes, but I also think they could be easily adapted to be made by regular decrease means. And I also think I might like to get a little creative with the lace border and try a couple different patterns.

I like wearing a vest or tank like this over a long sleeve shirt or turtleneck in the winter because it offers extra warmth without a lot of bulk and it doesn't overheat me like a full sweater might.

I have another set of Wool-Ease in a nice heathery green that I plan to make a second tank out of and I think I will take the opportunity to play a little with some adaptation to the pattern. And I'm wondering if the body of the tank can be made in the round from the bottom up. It seems like it should work, at least in theory. And thanks to my sister who recommended seaming with a slip stitch. It worked beautifully and created a lovely, smooth seam.


Chauntel said...

Okay I love it, you have been bitten by the design runs in our genes. We can never be pleased with something so simple, it is so easy for us to see all the alternatives/additions/alterations that can be made!
Great job & I like the color choice!

Ally said...

oooh I like it!!! i do agree with you though, it would be nice if it were a tiny bit longer. But that is seriously so awesome, I can't even imagine trying to do something like that.
Hehe, I have actually been doing all right without my umbrella for the past week, and it's just been raining all day every day.
I cannot, however, forget my coat (has it been drycleaned yet?). It gets to be near freezing here around 7 every night now, and that's not good when i'm walking around campus. It's nice for running, but I'm thinking about getting a headband or something to keep my ears warm while i run.
Well, this has become a novel, so I'll see you tomorrow night!!!